Monday, 20 March 2017

5 Best online B2B Marketplace for bulk orders

5 Best online B2B Marketplace for bulk orders

Business-to-business (B2B) is a situation whereby one business makes a commercial transaction with another. This occurs when a business sources materials for their production process, operational reasons or re-sells goods and services produced by others.
Here are five B2B websites to get bulk orders:

Alibaba was launched in 1999, and it is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. They  serve millions of buyers and suppliers worldwide. has hundreds of millions of products in more than 40 different major categories, including consumer electronics, machinery, apparel and so on. was developed by, and is operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. Focus Technology is a pioneer and leader in the field of electronic business in China. The marketplace was founded in 1996, with the mission of enabling clients to drive cost down and increase sales and profits with effective web-based solutions, Focus Technology has helped many Chinese small-and-medium-sized enterprises compete in international trade, advance into new markets and meet the needs of their clients. is a leading business-to-business media company and a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China.
The business facilitates trade between Asia and the world using English-language media such as online marketplaces (, trade shows, magazines, and apps.
Over 1.7 million international buyers, including 95 of the world's top 100 retailers, utilize their services to obtain product and company information to help them source more profitably from overseas supply markets. These services also provide suppliers with integrated marketing solutions to build corporate image, generate sales leads. Global Sources is publicly listed on NASDAQ since 2000.

IndiaMART is India’s largest online marketplace that connects buyers with suppliers. The online channel focuses on providing a platform to SMEs, large enterprises as well as individuals.
It was established in 1996.

Launched in the year 1996 to offer the Indian Business community a platform to promote themselves globally has created a niche as India's largest B2B marketplace, offering comprehensive business solutions to the Domestic and Global Business Community through its wide array of online services, directory services and facilitation of trade promotional events. Our portal is an ideal forum for buyers and sellers across the globe to interact and conduct business smoothly and effectively.
Tradeindia has product catalogs under 2,256 different product categories and sub-categories. It is well promoted on all major search engines and receives an average of 20.5 million hits per month.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

BUYING GUIDE: Choosing the best play mats and gym for your baby

BUYING GUIDE: Choosing the best play mats and gym for your baby

Play mats and gym for babies help to entertain and stimulate your little one. It makes them get a lot of fun and learns while you are busy with other things.
Play mats are padded mats with different activities to do when your baby lays on it. There are different types of play mat ranging from foam play mat to fabric play mat. Foam play mats give better cushion to babies and toddlers unlike the fabric play mats which offer less cushion.

Here are the things to consider when buying a play mat


Check to see if the play mat is well padded to ensure that your baby is comfortable.

Note the grip

Make sure that the play mat has a firm grip on the ground, not the one that slips.

Choose the one with activities

Choosing play mats with different activities will assist your baby in his or her development (auditory, tactile and visual senses) while playing. Choose vibrating toys, musical play mats and so on.

Choose a bright color to catch your baby’s attention.

Buy a foldable mat

Foldable mats are easy to carry around. You may want to travel, go to grandma’s place or a program that requires staying overnight. Just pick up your foldable mat and place it in your vehicle.

Choose a good play mat made of good material (not toxic).  

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Shoe trend: Best office shoes for women

Best office shoes for women

When you are professionally dressed, you will want to match your wears with fitting and good looking shoes. Most times, when women want to buy shoes, they tend to pick what is attractive or what they  like without considering the occasion the shoe is fit for. They end up purchasing shoes that cannot be worn comfortably to the office such as extreme high heeled shoes and narrow end shoes that press on the toes, thereby causing discomfort. Mind the shoe color you will purchase. Flamboyant or colorful shoes can make you look unprofessional. Consider buying black, grey, brown and navy blue shoes to get that complete professional look.

Buying cream or white shoe indicates that you will have to do a little color matching with your dress. Putting on white requires wearing a white shirt to make the right combination. Other shoe colors should be left for weekend.

The range of shoes for your purchase are listed here

Classic pumps and Modest heels

Classic pump

Classic pump is the universal type of shoe that shapes your look no matter the style of your clothes.


Modest heels

Modest heel shoes do not go beyond 3 inches. You like heels and you want to look professional. Modest heel is the best option for you. You know that it is not all heeled shoes that fit the office. Consider 3 inches or lower inches heel and probably wider heels for more comfort and stability.

Loafers and Oxfords

They are never out of style and always appropriate for work environment. The shoes almost perfectly match all clothing.

Oxford shoe

Oxford shoe


 Flats have simple and comfortable design, they match nearly all apparel.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Smart shopping! Save more!! How to Save more cash while shopping

How to save more cash while shopping

Shopping can be tricky. You may end up spending all the cash at hand if there is no determination to focus on the actual thing you need to purchase. Use this tips as a guide to help you spend less and save more. This is smart shopping.


Plan shopping 

Before you start shopping, plan out your needs to last a week or more. Some people plan their shopping to last for a month mostly for non-perishable goods. You can equally stock your freezer in case you need to buy perishable but edible products. Mind the expiry date of what you are buying. Adequate planning of your shopping will help you to cut cost (transportation cost, the stress of going out to shop all the time and bank charges if you are shopping online). You can plan a meal that will last for a week while checking your store to note the things you need and what you do not need. Do not buy more than what you need to prevent wastage.

Choose in-store or online shopping

Decide whether you will go for outdoor shopping or online shopping. In-store and online shopping have various advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of shopping in-store is that you will get to see what you are buying face to face with the ability to bit the price down after bargaining whereas, online shopping prices are fixed. One good thing about online shopping is that you will just make the order and your goods are mailed or brought to your doorsteps.


Wait for offers

This works more for online shopping. There are times when the price of products comes down.  Target the period when it is 60% off, 30% off and so on. In-store shops in different countries also offer coupons and deals. Make this your target to reduce cost.


Change your brand

If you are the type that likes high and expensive brands, you may not really get to save cash through this. Most times, the brands are high because they have made name thereby, making the product to become expensive. Other well-known brands with a lower price and the same quality as the expensive brand are in the market. You can go for that to save cash.


Shop with a list

Make a list of your purchase. Write out the list of the things you want to purchase. This will aid your selection and prevent you from adding what you do not want to your cart.Compare pricesYou can make comparison of prices from different shopping price websites if you prefer online shopping and in-store outlets in your vicinity.

Turn shopping to a saving platform

The aim is to help you resist the urge of spending unnecessarily. You can take the leftover amount from the purchase and deposit in a savings account. When you buy a commodity worth $100 at the rate of $50, you will have $50 as leftover. Save it.


 Set your budget, pay in cash

Make a budget of the things that you want to purchase and prepare to pay in cash. Although, it may not always work that way, you may need to use your credit/debit card in some places. You really need the determination to stay on your budget.


Create a realistic saving goal

 Know the reason for your decision to save and stick to it. You may need to set a goal that you will save a particular amount each week or month. Do not use it to buy just anything. Invest it in something that will increase your fund.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Kitchen focus: Choosing your kitchen appliance

Choosing your kitchen appliance

Appliances are an important part of the kitchen space. There are tons of them in the market. Selecting the appropriate one can be overwhelming. Prior to shopping, be familiar with your needs, your style, preferences and budget.
Kitchen appliances range from ovens, refrigerators, cook tops, dishwashers and ventilation system. The tips here will give you a start in deciding and choosing your appliances.

Consider your kitchen space and layout

Before shopping for your kitchen appliances, the first thing to do is to measure the space and layout of the kitchen. It will give you a picture of the size of appliance that you want.

Know your budget

Your budget will specify whether you will buy something expensive or cheap. Sometimes, an expensive thing does not mean that it is a good quality. Buy a model that will work well and last longer.

Go through reviews

Read reviews of the type of appliance you want to buy. Reviews/consumer reports are written from experience. Know the pros and cons of what you are buying.

Blend it

Let your appliances blend with the design of your kitchen. There are different forms of appliances and selection will be dependent on your taste. You can choose the ones designed to fit into your cabinet. It can give your kitchen a classy appearance. Styles of appliances vary and calmly viewing and checking can aid your selection process. The styles include built- in panel, standard free standing models, free standing professional style.  A trendy style is the brush chrome appliance style which almost resembles the stainless steel style. It is easy to clean compared to the stainless steel style.

What is your cooking need?

Know if you would want extra speed for your cooking. This will determine if your cooking appliances will be the pro or standard style and/or gas and electric. The pro-style has four or more burners with over 15,000 BTU while the standard ranges between 5000 and 14,000 BTU. Pro style ovens come with more oven racks measuring 30-60 inches whereas a standard oven measures 30 inches. Consider where you will place your cooking appliances when selecting them according to your need.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Spa equipment

Spa equipment for your business 

A standard spa will have different sections with its own peculiar equipment. Everyone loves to be pampered. The kind of equipment you have will determine your customers.
The list below represents the necessary spa equipment needed for adequate running of a spa.

Reception/Retail section

Retail furniture
Reception furnitures
Water features
Artwork/Room d├ęcor

Facials, skin and body care section

Multifunction spa tables
Advanced skin and body care systems
Magnifying lamps, lighting
Rotary brush units
Heat blankets
Masques, mud warmer
Mist sprayers, pulvenizers
Skin analyzers

Massage section

Massage tables
Massage chairs
Massage stone heaters
Massage stones

Water therapy section

Body treatment enclosures, floats
Specialty showers
Swiss showers
Vichy showers
Wet tables

Manicure and pedicure section

Manicure stations
Pedicure chairs
Portable footspas, pedicure bowls
Manicure pedicure seating
Pedi stools

Hair salon- Furniture, fixtures and equipment

Dry styling stations
Wet styling stations
Portable styling stations
Salon mirrors
Styling chairs
Stylist mat
Barber chairs
Shampoo chairs
Shampoo bowls, backwash stations
Shampoo cabinetsHair processors, steamers
Hair dryers, dryer chairs.

Epilation and waxing

 Wax warmers/heaters
Electrolysis equipment

Lockers, steam and sauna

Relaxation lounge chairs
SaunasTowel warmers
Swim suit water extractors
Weight scales.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet ideas


The bouquet pictures will add to your inspiration to select your wedding colors.