Saturday, 7 January 2017

How to dress at work

Dressing well to the office is simply the best thing  to achieve a professional look. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. You cannot wear clothes that are casual or party-like to the workplace. You have to look formal and professional.

Below are tips for a professional look:

Know what is acceptable in your field of expertise or industry

The way you dress depends on the kind of industry you work. For instance, if your industry has a dress code, it must be followed strictly.

Wear clothes with a good fit

Make sure that your clothes have a good fit on you. Don’t put on clothes that are bigger or smaller than you.

Do not make noise with your jewelry

 It is not appropriate to put on jewelries such as dangling bangles that will make noise in the office. It distracts fellow workers as well as customers and it may direct negative attention to you.

Avoid distraction and creating negative impression

You can cause distraction in so many ways. One of this is putting on sexually provocative dresses. This can create a lasting negative impression about you to other workers and customers.

Avoid wearing strong perfume

 It is not everyone that likes the fragrance of a strong perfume; therefore, it is better to use a mild fragrance.

Choose appropriate colors

Wear colors that portray authority. Match your colors cautiously and avoid colors that are too bright.

 Mind your shoes

Make sure that your shoes are in good condition and polished before going to work.


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