Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to setup a spa


Setting up a spa requires some effort. You should develop a good background of your niche in the spa industry if you really want your business to yield good income and get customers.

Know the niche and services that you intend to render

Be familiar with the aspect of the spa you want to indulge in and the services that you wish to offer. This will help you to determine the kind of space that you will need and the required equipment and utilities.

Research your competitors

Check to know the number of competitors you have, what they offer and the cost they charge their customers. It will give you an idea of the way you will run your spa to attract customers.

Choose a location

You need to pick a location where you know that your business will thrive well. Let it be distant from other spas so as to bit competition.

Brand your spa

  Give your spa a name and logo that depicts the purpose of your spa. Choose a brand name that is unique.

Register, incorporate your spa and get necessary documents.

Sign a lease or construct a building

 You can get a building lease or construct your own if you have the capacity. Design it to sooth your taste and to serve the purpose of a spa.

Order necessary furniture and equipment.

Hire qualified and licensed staff for administration, treatment and training.

Promote your spa on an opening day

Develop a marketing strategy for adequate promotion of your business.


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