Friday, 20 January 2017

Kitchen focus: Choosing your kitchen appliance

Choosing your kitchen appliance

Appliances are an important part of the kitchen space. There are tons of them in the market. Selecting the appropriate one can be overwhelming. Prior to shopping, be familiar with your needs, your style, preferences and budget.
Kitchen appliances range from ovens, refrigerators, cook tops, dishwashers and ventilation system. The tips here will give you a start in deciding and choosing your appliances.

Consider your kitchen space and layout

Before shopping for your kitchen appliances, the first thing to do is to measure the space and layout of the kitchen. It will give you a picture of the size of appliance that you want.

Know your budget

Your budget will specify whether you will buy something expensive or cheap. Sometimes, an expensive thing does not mean that it is a good quality. Buy a model that will work well and last longer.

Go through reviews

Read reviews of the type of appliance you want to buy. Reviews/consumer reports are written from experience. Know the pros and cons of what you are buying.

Blend it

Let your appliances blend with the design of your kitchen. There are different forms of appliances and selection will be dependent on your taste. You can choose the ones designed to fit into your cabinet. It can give your kitchen a classy appearance. Styles of appliances vary and calmly viewing and checking can aid your selection process. The styles include built- in panel, standard free standing models, free standing professional style.  A trendy style is the brush chrome appliance style which almost resembles the stainless steel style. It is easy to clean compared to the stainless steel style.

What is your cooking need?

Know if you would want extra speed for your cooking. This will determine if your cooking appliances will be the pro or standard style and/or gas and electric. The pro-style has four or more burners with over 15,000 BTU while the standard ranges between 5000 and 14,000 BTU. Pro style ovens come with more oven racks measuring 30-60 inches whereas a standard oven measures 30 inches. Consider where you will place your cooking appliances when selecting them according to your need.


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