Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Smart shopping! Save more!! How to Save more cash while shopping

How to save more cash while shopping

Shopping can be tricky. You may end up spending all the cash at hand if there is no determination to focus on the actual thing you need to purchase. Use this tips as a guide to help you spend less and save more. This is smart shopping.


Plan shopping 

Before you start shopping, plan out your needs to last a week or more. Some people plan their shopping to last for a month mostly for non-perishable goods. You can equally stock your freezer in case you need to buy perishable but edible products. Mind the expiry date of what you are buying. Adequate planning of your shopping will help you to cut cost (transportation cost, the stress of going out to shop all the time and bank charges if you are shopping online). You can plan a meal that will last for a week while checking your store to note the things you need and what you do not need. Do not buy more than what you need to prevent wastage.

Choose in-store or online shopping

Decide whether you will go for outdoor shopping or online shopping. In-store and online shopping have various advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of shopping in-store is that you will get to see what you are buying face to face with the ability to bit the price down after bargaining whereas, online shopping prices are fixed. One good thing about online shopping is that you will just make the order and your goods are mailed or brought to your doorsteps.


Wait for offers

This works more for online shopping. There are times when the price of products comes down.  Target the period when it is 60% off, 30% off and so on. In-store shops in different countries also offer coupons and deals. Make this your target to reduce cost.


Change your brand

If you are the type that likes high and expensive brands, you may not really get to save cash through this. Most times, the brands are high because they have made name thereby, making the product to become expensive. Other well-known brands with a lower price and the same quality as the expensive brand are in the market. You can go for that to save cash.


Shop with a list

Make a list of your purchase. Write out the list of the things you want to purchase. This will aid your selection and prevent you from adding what you do not want to your cart.Compare pricesYou can make comparison of prices from different shopping price websites if you prefer online shopping and in-store outlets in your vicinity.

Turn shopping to a saving platform

The aim is to help you resist the urge of spending unnecessarily. You can take the leftover amount from the purchase and deposit in a savings account. When you buy a commodity worth $100 at the rate of $50, you will have $50 as leftover. Save it.


 Set your budget, pay in cash

Make a budget of the things that you want to purchase and prepare to pay in cash. Although, it may not always work that way, you may need to use your credit/debit card in some places. You really need the determination to stay on your budget.


Create a realistic saving goal

 Know the reason for your decision to save and stick to it. You may need to set a goal that you will save a particular amount each week or month. Do not use it to buy just anything. Invest it in something that will increase your fund.


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