Tuesday, 14 February 2017

BUYING GUIDE: Choosing the best play mats and gym for your baby

BUYING GUIDE: Choosing the best play mats and gym for your baby

Play mats and gym for babies help to entertain and stimulate your little one. It makes them get a lot of fun and learns while you are busy with other things.
Play mats are padded mats with different activities to do when your baby lays on it. There are different types of play mat ranging from foam play mat to fabric play mat. Foam play mats give better cushion to babies and toddlers unlike the fabric play mats which offer less cushion.

Here are the things to consider when buying a play mat


Check to see if the play mat is well padded to ensure that your baby is comfortable.

Note the grip

Make sure that the play mat has a firm grip on the ground, not the one that slips.

Choose the one with activities

Choosing play mats with different activities will assist your baby in his or her development (auditory, tactile and visual senses) while playing. Choose vibrating toys, musical play mats and so on.

Choose a bright color to catch your baby’s attention.

Buy a foldable mat

Foldable mats are easy to carry around. You may want to travel, go to grandma’s place or a program that requires staying overnight. Just pick up your foldable mat and place it in your vehicle.

Choose a good play mat made of good material (not toxic).  


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